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Vehicle computers Motorola

Motorola has a list of the in-vehicle/fixed mount mobile computers. Designed for transportation and logistics providers Motorola’s Vehicle Mount Computers promise to maximize driver productivity, improve safety and vehicle utilization. Motorola’s Ultra Mobile Computers have a wide range of features, starting with the many connectivity options, and ending with the good extras.

Rugged construction helps to withstand the most extreme environments, protects your investment; dramatically reduces downtime and repair costs. 


vc 70 clear

An ultra-rugged vehicle-mounted mobile computer VC70N0 is designed for use in extreme warehouse environments, with a dust-and-water-tight IP66 sealing, rugged aluminum construction, freezer rating, sealed connectors and extreme shock and vibration testing.

A dual core 1 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 2GB of Flash memory and a user accessible micro SD card slot that supports up to 32GB provide best-in-class performance for demanding applications .

The 10.4 in. 600 NIT bright XGA 1024x768 high resolution display (switchable to SVGA 800x600) is easy to view in nearly any lighting condition— from the warehouse aisles to the loading dock and yard. The high resolution display is ready for graphic-rich applications.

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The VC6096 In-Vehicle/Fixed-Mount Mobile Computer is an all-in-one in-cab solution designed to help transportation and logistics providers achieve cost-effective compliance, maximize driver productivity, improve safety and vehicle utilization, reduce costs and improve customer service.

The device is built to handle the rigors of the road while delivering the comprehensive wireless voice and data capabilities you need to maximize operational efficiency — including simultaneous wireless WAN (WWAN), wireless LAN (WLAN), Bluetooth, GPS and telematics support.

The VC6096 is built from the inside out to handle life on the road. With IP64 sealing, the device is impervious to dust and can handle exposure to liquid from any direction — from rain to a spilled beverage. Military and industrial grade specifications for vibration, shock, solar radiation and more ensure reliable operation despite constant exposure to outdoor environmental conditions as well as vehicle movement. The result is the superior uptime you need to keep your drivers — and your business — moving.

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VC 5090

The VC5090 Vehicle/Fixed-Mount Mobile Computer from Motorola combines rugged construction and high performance wireless networking to enable real-time data access and collection in the harshest environments — from the loading dock and freezer to the warehouse floor.

With industrial and military grade specifications for vibration, shock, temperature and sealing, the VC5090 delivers maximum durability in the toughest environments. From the subzero temperatures in a freezer to the repetitive pounding and vibrations of forklift operations, the VC5090 delivers reliable year after year performance, protecting your investment and delivering the uptime needed to keep your business moving.

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