Omni-directional barcode scanners
Where the single-line laser only has a single laser beam which must be aimed directly at the barcode, especially in the case of most handheld barcode readers, the omni-directional barcode scanner shines laser beams in every direction making it nearly impossible for you to not get an accurate reading. 
Omni-directional barcode scanners use laser technology, along with one rotating mirror and a bunch of fixed mirrors. Using the mirrors in this way, the laser beam is reflected simultaneously in a bunch of different directions, creating a pattern which is constantly changing. This way, the scanner can read a barcode from virtually any angle.
It is the omni-directional scanner that you see when you go to your local supermarket and your clerk passes your items one by one over the glass plate. Now it is common to find a “Self Scan” area in many different stores or supermarkets where the omni-directional barcode scanner is available for the public to scan their items by themselves in order to save time. If you have ever used one of these self-scan kiosks, then you know just how simple an omni-directional barcode scanner makes life. Often I don’t even look to see where the barcode is on an item, I just rotate it for a second around the glass until I hear that familiar beep which means that it has registered.
There are many variations of omni-directional barcode scanners. Some, such as the horizontal types in a supermarket, can only read a barcode from a few centimeters or inches away. Others, especially in industrial or factory environments, are capable of scanning a barcode from a few meters away!
Another benefit of the omni-directional barcode scanner is that because of the efficiency of the laser beam, it can often read barcodes which have been torn, wrinkled, gotten wet, or printed poorly. This is another reason why it is the perfect choice for checkout stands at grocery stores, because there are usually many products that end up with barcodes that have been slightly damaged somehow during shipping. In my humble opinion, I would say that the omni-directional barcode scanner is by far the most useful and impressive form of barcode reader.