Alleviate long wait times with quick check in and check out and entertain your guests 24/7 with information kiosks.


Many customers value self-service as a faster and more convenient alternative to traditional assisted service. Two new customer surveys show that customers in retail and hospitality verticals increasingly prefer self-service, even in demographics that are commonly thought of as resistant to new technology.

We offer check-in kiosks to help customers quickly check in and check out of hotels. It makes arrival and departure as enjoyable as stay.

Provide your guests with an effective digital display at their fingertips with mikrokiosks! Guests efficiently navigate through an intuitive interface to find the amenities they are looking for. This provides the ultimate level of service for guests, while freeing up management resources.

With microkiosks an unlimited amount of information can be displayed! Kiosks generate advertising revenue through digital signage and digital brochures.

Kiosk can inform, educate, assist and entertain your guests 24/7 through on-demand printing of information and marketing material. Our self-service kiosk solutions combine cutting edge LCD technology, progressive design and proprietary software.