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Midrange printers

Small to medium-size manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution organizations require the ability to produce a moderate-volume of printed labels for a variety of applications including product labeling, shipping/receiving, compliance, and others. These small to medium operations are often looking for economical, but rugged printers to help strengthen their day-to-day activities. Zebra midrange thermal transfer printers provide flexible connectivity, fast throughput, and consistent quality to improve your operations. Rugged midrange desktop printers may be ideal for light industry, commercial applications, and office use.

Thermal transfer printed labels are easily identified by the crisp, often glossy, printed surface. The clarity is achieved by using a thin ribbon roll that when heated by the printhead melts onto the label to form the image. When matched with suitable media, thermal transfer technology is not only impervious to heat and moisture, but the image cannot be rubbed off, making the printed labels the most durable available. An additional benefit of this technology is the continuity of the printed image. Because the color and density of the printed image is determined by the ribbon and the resolution of the printer, thermal transfer printing produces consistent, reliable printing on every label.


zebra zt230 принтер

The ZT400 Series printers are rugged and loaded with a standard set of advanced features allowing for use in the widest array of Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, Health care and Retail applications. Building on the Z Series' reliability with advancements in print speed, connectivity options, management and support tools, the ZT400 can be integrated into a wide range of environments.

When you need to keep your production line up and running, you can count on Zebra's new ZT400 Series thermal-transfer label printers. The ZT400 Series builds on the field-proven reliability of previous Z Series printers with with higher print speeds, better print quality and more connectivity options.

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zebra zt230 принтер

Building on the ZM™ Series’ proven reputation for reliability, the ZT420 zebra printer delivers advancements in print speed, connectivity options, management and support tools. Engineered for years of performance in the most demanding environments, Zebra’s ZT420 printers are extremely durable and designed to grow with users’ evolving business needs.

Also designed for ease of use in the workplace, the ZT420 printers offer a simple icon based LCD user interface and easy-loaded supplies. They also include standard USB, Serial, Ethernet and Bluetooth options. 

The ZT420 label printer is offered in 168mm (6”) model and comes standard with an extensive set of advanced features that ensure your printer investment will always meet your needs, now and in the future. Constructed using an all-metal frame and bi-fold access door, these printers are designed to fit well in space-constrained environments. 

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The ZT200 series offers a streamlined design and smaller footprint that takes up less physical space than the Stripe and S4M models. ZT200 series printers require minimal operator training and benefit from tool-less standard component maintenance and a durable design to minimize service. Your IT staff will appreciate the backwards compatibility, since it allows for new printers to be up and running with minimal time
and effort.

The ZT200 series has been designed for ease of use, versatility and outstanding value.

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Zebra incorporated extensive customer feedback, as well as the legacy of its Stripe® and S4M™ printers, to create the new ZT200™ series printers, which feature space-saving design, effortless setup, intuitive user operation, and ease of service and maintenance.

Whether you are adopting barcode technology for the first time or upgrading existing printer models, the ZT200 series is the right choice for a variety of labeling applications. This innovative new printer provides many user benefits.

The ZT200 series offers two models—the ZT220 and the ZT230. Compare the features to see which printer best suits your needs.

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zm400The ZM600 includes additional productivity-enhancing features and modern, flexible network connectivity for easy system integration in most manufacturing, warehousing and business applications. This industrial/commercial workhorse also delivers efficient 6-inch-wide labeling thanks to its quick throughput and 10 inches-per-second print speed.

Options for this printer includes: Cutter with catch tray, Value peel (front mount, passive peel option with no liner take-up), Rewind, internally rewinds full label roll on three-inch core (comes with taller, non-standard printer base).

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105slThe 105SL printer is targeted to experienced users that need a rugged metal printer for common industrial applications. The 105SL combines enhanced memory, processing capacity, and features with rugged and reliable all-metal construction.

Proven platform longevity plus fast processing and print speed make it the choice of experienced users who value reliability, productivity, consistent print quality, network compatibility, and superior service and support.

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