Сканеры штрих-кода, терминалы сбора данных, принтеры штрих-кода. Мобильные решения и заказные разработки 1С.  Аренда ТСД и радиоразведка. Продажа, сервис, ремонты.

CipherLab is a world leader in AIDC solutions for a wide range of industries. Operating worldwide, CipherLab is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with offices in China, Germany and the USA. CipherLab's expertise is at the convergence of scanning & mobile computing. The company’s mobile computers and scanners are integrated into the networks of some of the world's best known logistics, retail, distribution, government installations and healthcare companies, helping them run more efficiently and effectively onsite and on the road.

Some fairly demanding customers have chosen CipherLab to satisfy their very exacting needs. Just to drop a few names: ACNielsen, ASDA/Wal-Mart, GEUSA (Pepsi bottler and distributor), IKEA, Brazil and Poland post offices.

CipherLab delivers wide range of barcode scanners from pocket-sized 1D laser scanners to Bluetooth-enabled 2D imagers snanners to satisfy the growth of 2D barcodes deployments as well as those with 1D barcodes. New CipherLab mobile computers are packed with flexible wireless communication options in 3.8G HSPA+, 802.11 a/b/g/n, and Bluetooth 2.1with EDR.

For more details and specifications regarding CipherLab products, please visit www.cipherlab.com.

Data Capture Terminals CipherLab 8001 L

8001 picture

CipherLab 8001 terminals are hardworking partners for busy workers in virtually every retail environment, from grocery and convenience stores to specialty and department stores. The 8000 series mobile computers combine easy scanning, accurate data capture, long working hours, and powerful options in a compact handheld. With efficient data capture and control, shelves stay fully stocked and merchandise moving. Sales staff spend less time fussing with details and more time creating customer satisfaction and revenue.

Highly efficient circuit design enables up to 100 continuous hours on AAA-size alkaline or lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. A backup rechargeable lithium battery prevents data loss if you can’t charge the battery immediately. Running on a 16-bit CMOS low-power-consumption CPU, 8000 series mobile computers come with 2MB of program memory and 2MB of data memory (with 4MB optional on the 8001) for robust data manipulation and storage.

The CipherLab operating system supports a wide variety of C and BASIC solutions from batch to wireless connectivity.

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